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If your house is anything like mine, clutter magically grows. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to keep things neat, overnight the clutter monster visits and throws things everywhere. Sometimes it takes the shapes of my kids, sometimes my wife, and sometimes, even me! But I decided to actively prevent this as much as possible, and here are some amazing tips I came across that I hope will help you as much as they helped me.

Drawer Organizers

Usually every house has one in their kitchen, often in their cutlery drawer. But all to quickly a drawer can turn into a junk drawer. And then one day all your drawers are junk drawers and it doesn’t have to be! Invest in drawer organizers so you can keep all your pencils, pens, paper clips whatever you want in neat and organized spaced where they are no longer “out of sight, out of mind”.

File Folding

It can be very easy to forget you owned something when you fold your clothes and store them flat one on top of the other. But if you fold your clothes, towels, and bedding upright you can see everything you own in a single glance! Bonus points if you colour code them from light to dark.

Towel Racks

These are not just for the bathroom! If you hang one over your linen closet, or any closet door for that matter, you can add that extra bit of storage you didn’t think you had the room for. You know another great way to use a towel rack? In the kitchen! Somewhere along your gorgeous backsplash install a towel rod or bar. With the right hooks you can now hang your measuring spoons, spices (on a hanging spice shelf) or even your mugs.

One In One Out

This is an amazing rule that I recommend every parent teach their children. It can very easily feel like children have an infinite number of toys. Instead of just birthdays and Christmas, kids get presents and toys all the time, which can land in every corner of the house. Every. Single. Corner. So try this rule with your kids that will keep them more mindful of their belongings. For every new toy that comes into the house, one most go out to donation (or if it’s in really crummy shape, the garbage). This is also a great rule for clothing – and for adults too!

Hang Your Pots and Pans

Pots and pans are just plain clunky. They take up valuable space in your kitchen where instead you could be keeping your dry-store goods. But on the sides of backs of cabinets where you have space, consider hanging those big pots and pans! You can even create a cool pattern and add that to the design aesthetic of your home. Plus, it makes you look like a talented chef, and who doesn’t want to look like they know what they’re doing in the kitchen?

The greatest thing about home organization is that these are small little tips that can make such a huge difference to your home. You don’t always need to invest thousands of dollars to feel like you’ve gotten a huge uplift in your home. Try out some of these tips and let me know how they work for you!

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