Is The Condo Lifestyle Right For You?

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It seems that every day a new condo is sprouting up in Toronto. And to top it all off, there is such a huge variety in condos out there! There are lofts, factory conversions, low-rises, high-rises, just to name a few. It may seem totally natural to wonder, with so many new condos being built, is it worth considering what the craze is all about and should I join in and switch to the condo lifestyle? In order to find out if the condo lifestyle is right for you, here are some important questions I think you should ask yourself.

How Important Is Convenience To You?

When you live in a house, you have ample space to entertain, work, and unwind. But if you need to get something dry-cleaned quickly, or want to work out, you’ll likely have to step out (even in the freezing temperatures of winter) to get these done. The condo lifestyle can offer you many important amenities such as party rooms, gyms, dry cleaners and so much more all within your building. The best part is that these shared spaces aren’t your responsibility to clean. You just pay a monthly maintenance fee and have all these wonderful amenities at your fingertips!

How Much Time Do You Spend Doing Household Chores?

Many of us lead extremely busy lives. Gone are the days of 9-5, and now a single text can have us working into the wee hours. And sometimes, because of work or life in general, there isn’t time to mow the lawn or shovel the driveway, even though we know it has to get done. If time is extremely important to you and you hope to do fewer chores, having a condo might be the right answer for you. And if you still love gardening and don’t want to give it up, you can plant your own little garden on your balcony, or find a condo that has a green roof with allotments for residents.

Have You Thought About Downsizing?

You might be a recent graduate who doesn’t need all the space of your parents’ house all by yourself. You might be a recent empty nester who no longer need the space of a four bedroom house. Or, you might be just someone who doesn’t want to vacuum two floors of home anymore. Whether Marie Kondo inspired you or not, downsizing can be a huge relief to your personal life. You don’t have to sacrifice quality of living by knocking off a few hundred square feet of space. Chances are, instead of having two spare bedrooms, you might just benefit from a stronger sense of community by moving somewhere more centrally-located in the city.

Do You Have A Strict Budget?

Nowadays, it can be very expensive to own a beautiful Edwardian or Victorian home in Toronto. If you are on a budget but determined to live in Toronto, a condo can have you right next to those gorgeous views and homes you are seeking, without the price tag. Alternatively, if you want to live a lavish lifestyle, there are condos that would blow some of the oldest homes in Toronto out of the water with their luxurious finishes, square footage and amenities. The condo lifestyle is not for just one type of person, it can fit any budget.

If you think that a condo could be right for you, or you have more questions about the ins and outs of condo lifestyle, please don’t be shy. Give me a message here and I’ll respond as quickly as possible to give you the guidance you need.

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